KE-ZU Sydney Indesign 2015

otherothers will be creating an installation for KE-ZU as part of Sydney Indesign in August 2015.

The installation focuses on domestic rituals. For most of us, it is the rites, routines and habits of the home that constitute our engagement with ritual. Far from being inconsequential, these domestic rituals are our way of affirming our place in the world, of instilling meaning amidst the chaos of contemporary life. While personal and intimate, such rituals - from the way we talk to our plants to how we fold our clothes or awaken for work - assume monumental importance at the scale of the city. 

Every item of furniture embodies the potential rituals, whether demonstrably - through the action of a rocking chair or the drama of a chandelier - or less tangibly, concealed within its materials, its form, its utility. We would like to draw attention to the place of furniture within domestic ritual through a piece of spatial theatre, a giant angled mirror. 

The concept has been influenced by Jacques Tati's films "Mon Oncle" (1958) and "Playtime" (1967). The subtext for these beautiful, dreamlike films is a confrontation between the traditions of the old world and the trappings of the new.