Offset House models

Architectural models seek new home.

image courtesy  Tobias Titz

image courtesy Tobias Titz

Originally exhibited to acclaim at the inaugural Chicago Architecture Biennial, our Offset House scale models are currently featuring in the RMIT Design Hub exhibition Occupied, which concludes 24 September 2016.

We are now seeking a new home for these models, whether permanent or temporary. Large and highly detailed, the two models depict modified suburban architecture at 1:50 and 1:10 scales, respectively. Each model is 1.5m wide and between 1.5-2m long, and each divides in half for transportation purposes. The models combine Victorian Ash, Jelutong and Birch Ply timber, MDF and acrylic, and include a number of small pewter figurines. 

A labour of love, the models were constructed over several weeks and at considerable cost. While we believe that these models have value as objects of art, design and education, we are unable to properly house them ourselves. 

We therefore invite any interested institution, organisation or school to acquire them for collection or display, and need your help to spread the word! Please contact us to discuss further, to provide leads or offer advice.